Netball is a popular global sport that combines running, jumping, throwing and catching. It is played by over 20 million people in over 70 countries and is a popular sport on the HK club scene. Whilst predominately seen as a girls sport here in HK, both males and females can and do enjoy the sport. 

Run by MLSA dedicated and highly qualified coaches, including a current Hong Kong Netball national team player and a physical educator of over 15 years, our Netball programme is designed to be both child friendly and thoroughly engaging. Enjoyment and participation are at the core of our child centered learning model, whilst giving those with talent the opportunity to make strides ahead.

We currently have two Netball programme based at Canadian International School in Aberdeen and The ISF Academy in Cyberport.

JNL Leagues & Competitions

Both MLSA programme at ISF (Qi Lins) and CDNIS (Redwolves) compete in the JNL. The league is split into two eight week seasons, one in the Autumn (Sept-Nov) and one in the spring (Feb-April). 

MLSA proudly has 10 teams competing in the JNL.

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