Skills Acquisition program (SAP)

In the 2017/18 season we introduced the SAP to help committed players get to the next level in their individual game.


Repetition of fundamental skills - passing, shooting, first touch, ball mastery and dribbling combined with physical challenges - speed, agility, coordination and balance in reaction to visual and/or verbal cues is key to developing the all-round player.


At the fundamental level each skill is practiced in isolation but players are soon challenged with an additional physical and/or mental (problem solving/awareness) component to elevate their game and be more effective in the competitive arena.


These sessions are designed to focus on the individual so that they can return to their teams more confident and creative in all aspects of their game.


Training groups are kept small and individuals are placed with an appropriate peer group to ensure they get the most out of the session. The program is open for all players U11+.

Sessions are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 5-6pm at Aberdeen Sports Ground.


Private group or individual sessions can also be arranged. 

$3000 once a week - $200/session (15 sessions)

$5000 twice a week - $167/session (30 sessions)

Drop in $300/session

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