Small Group Sessions


Acquisition Program (SAP)

These are small group 60-minute sessions held once a week focused on gaining technical reps and improved decision making on the ball. Passing, first touch, dribbling, shooting and aerial control abilities will be elevated through this extra practice in smaller groups. Open to ages 11+


Fees: $300/per drop in or $1200 for 6 session block paid upfront. Start date tbc


Schedule: Can be arranged Tues/Weds or Thursday 5-6pm as suits majority of group. Private group or individual sessions can also be arranged. 

High Performance Centre (HPC)

Elevating Skill to Game Execution

The game requires players to understand Why, When, Where and How to perform skills under game pressure. Every session challenges decision-making, psychological factors, and physical relationships to elevate game time decisions!

We develop the mental, physical, technical and tactical pillars to elevate a player’s football journey.

A unique small group training session focused on the technical development in a functional training environment so players learn how to implement skills into the game, under game pressure.

Helping players achieve their goals on and off the field!!

Players of Today
Leaders of Tomorrow 
Champions for Life!

Player Testimonials

"I really enjoy these sessions and find them very effective because it is high-intensity, competitive, and the smaller group allows us to get more detailed feedback. I always look forward to these sessions and I have seen a lot of improvement from them." Caymen Chen (U18G - Centre Back)


"The SAP session is a very fun session to get lots of touches on the ball. It's really useful for recognizing and practicing the individuals strength and weaknesses. I have found it has helped me build on my weaknesses and expand my strengths." Anna Grace Richard (U18G - Centre mid) 

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